Automatic Ink Leveler System

The Inkmax ink leveling system is a simple and low-cost solution to automatically maintain
consistent ink levels in press fountains. Maintaining a uniform level of ink minimizes ink density
variations, improves final print quality, and reduces clean-up time during changeovers.

The InkMax system is easy to install, maintain, and operate. The leveler mounts to the fountain
cheek plate brackets and fits within a 4 x 5 inch profile. The leveler assembly is available in both
right-hand or left-hand configurations to match operator side control. The system also includes
an optional easy-to-replace in-line ink filter. Quick-disconnects for air and ink supplies are
provided for easy removal.

The InkMax system features a high-quality capacitive proximity sensorto detect and maintain
ink level to within .125 inches (3mm). The sensor is mounted on a slide mount assembly which
allows users to position the sensor to any desired position over the fountain. When used with
the optional shut-off valve nozzles and fountain dividers, this configuration allows operation
with half-web press runs.

The control box, mounted on top of the ink leveler frame, features a single three-position
switch for manual or automatic control. The Power and Fill indicators provide visual indication
of system operation. When the switch is placed in the Automatic position, the system
automatically maintains ink level as determined by the distance from the sensor. The Manual
position is a momentary-contact position, the system fills the fountain as long as the operator
holds the switch.

Let the InkMax system provide you with an effective, reliable solution
to maintain your press ink levels.

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